Parking Decals & Hang Tags
Trusted for our precision, quality and customer service, ABS-LABELS is a reputable provider of parking permits, cling window decals and custom hang tags. Printed using a high-performance, four-color process, our parking decal inventory includes interior and exterior-mount styles easily seen from a distance when attached to any rearview window, windshield or bumper.
Sticker and permit features include:
Durable construction that that withstands water, salt, temperature changes and UV rays
Reflective designs
Aggressive, no-peel adhesives
Customized sizes, colors and die-cuts
Images, text and serialized numbering
Adhesive-free static cling options
Custom artwork and short turnarounds
Helping you monitor and control access to restricted parking areas and loading zones, ABS-Labels cling and custom hang tag orders are personalized to your design, quantity and budget requirements. Available in PVC, vinyl, clear film and reflective substrates, most parking permit decals are large enough to include optional facility/lot names, logos, expiration dates and event titles. In addition, permit styles are both economical and durable—and are available in PVC, vinyl, clear film and reflective substrates.