Custom Domed Decals & Labels
Adhering securely on flat or slightly curved surfaces, ABS-LABELS high-performance, custom domed decals and custom domed labels provide a rich, three-dimensional look your customers will remember. Each custom domed decal and label order is customized with texts, logos or graphics, and is printed using our precise, four-color process that allows for unlimited spot colors and vibrant results. Best of all, ABS-LABELS ensures that your domed stickers are durable enough to withstand transport, moisture exposure and storage while retaining their high-quality finish.
Custom Domed Labels
ABS-LABELS custom domed labels and custom domed decals are available with the following features and options:
Strong, pressure-sensitive adhesive
Thick, transparent polyurethane coating
Custom die cuts
Serialization and bar coding
UV and temperature resistance
Non-yellowing design
A polished way to market and differentiate electronics, automotive equipment, sporting goods, appliances, industrial equipment, clothing and more, ABS-LABELS domed decals and labels are ideal for indoor or outdoor use. If you’re unsure about your branding and design requirements, allow the ABS-LABELS in-house graphic team to assist you. We’ll help you create a clean, impactful domed decal look that is both unique and functional.