Digital Labels
Why Digital?
With recent advancements in digital label printing over the past few years, namely the HP WS6000 series press, we have once again committed ourselves to the next step in providing our clients with only the finest in digital labels by adding this amazing piece of equipment to our current label printing capabilities. When you see samples of our work, you’ll understand why.
Digital vs. Offset Printing
The proof is in the dot. When compared to conventional offset printing, digital offset far exceeds the print dot quality when magnified under a loop. With digital label printing, “what you see is truly what you get”. Because HP digital ink does not absorb into paper material or expand on a film material, the actual structure of the digitally printed dot retains the exact size and shape it was intended to be in your original art file. Because this print method is “one shot printing” where all colors are printed at one time, perfect registration without trap lines really is perfect registration. It is this print process alone that has taken HP digital label printing to a completely new level above and beyond conventional offset printing and other print methods as well. Simply put, a new standard has been set with this technology that is nothing short of amazing. If you need amazing, unrivaled custom digital labels, ABS-LABELS has the best answer for you available anywhere.