Food & Beverage
The average grocery store has over 100,000 items on its shelves. You worked hard to develop your product and get it positioned on the shelf. Now it’s up to the product packaging to grab the consumer’s attention and end up in their shopping cart.
ABS-LABELS can help your package stand up and be noticed, but your package needs to do more than just grab the consumer’s attention. Your label needs to tell the consumer why they should buy your product over another, how to use your product, and most importantly give all the vital details the consumer needs to know. More than ever before consumers want to be informed before they buy.
Fruit & Produce
Fruit and produce packaging presents its own challenge. The packaging must meet FDA requirements for incidental, non-direct contact with the food, regardless of the how the food is stored. ABS-LABELS can offer packaging solutions for:
Application in a wet or cold environment
Refrigerated or frozen distribution and storage
Indirect or direct contact with the food
Beverages demand a premium label for a premium image, which translates into higher margins for you. Consumers are willing to pay more for an upscale experience. ABS-LABELS has solutions to create that image:
Clear film materials for a clean, no-label appearance
Foil Hot Stamp to create visual interest with texture and color
Digital printing for off-set quality and low-cost start up
High-opacity Ultraviolet Flexography for color consistency
You’ve created your masterpiece. Now launch it with distinction. Design your label to demand premium pricing. ABS-LABELS can help you create that image with:
Broad selection of coated and uncoated materials
Cold temperature and soak-removable adhesives
Foil Hot Stamping to create elegance and perceived value
Digital printing for off-set quality and low-cost start up
Deep, prominent embossing for a rich look and feel
Gourmet Food
Gourmet food packaging must convey the product’s quality, support its premium pricing, and distinguish your product from the competition. At the same time, the package needs to protect the product’s integrity and shelf life, often without the benefit of preservatives.
ABS-LABELS takes all these things into consideration when helping you design the right label for your gourmet food product. We offer:
Bag closure labels with non-sticky cohesive
Flexible pouches and bags with heat-seal properties
Artisan materials that give an old-world look and feel
Digital printing for multiple SKUs, off-set quality and low-cost start up
Together, we can help you achieve the package image you want for your product. We have the experience designing label solutions for a wide variety of bottle shapes, sizes, and types. We know how to select the best materials to ensure that your packaging performs on your manufacturing lines, through packing and transit, on the shelf, and after the consumer takes it home.
Take a look at what we’ve created for other companies. We have helped customers with products that include:  spice jar labeling, salami wrap labels, freezer-grade labels, chocolate label wrappers, water bottle labels, custom labels, jam and jelly jar labels, coffee bags, tea tin labels, and even cantelope stickers!   Give us a call. Most of our clients come to us with just an idea. We’ll help turn your idea into a reality!