Advertising & Promotional
One of the biggest challenges companies face today is attracting and keeping loyal customers. Since it’s proven that most consumers make their final purchase decision at the shelf, why not offer them an incentive to choose your product over your competitors product? Depending on your goal or target market, there are many ways to attract and keep loyal customers including custom labels.
ABS – Labels has many solutions to drive sales volume, increase usage and encourage customers to switch to your brand. We’ll create a promotion that fits your brand strategy. We have the experience to help you select the correct materials, adhesives, and product designs so that your message will be highly visible and attractive to your perspective customers.
Instantly redeemable coupons (IRC) are the most successful way to encourage a brand-switch to your product. Instantly redeemable, on-the-package, coupon labels reward your existing loyal customers with a one-time price reduction. Folded coupons can also provide promotional label information without taking up valuable package real estate.
Expanded Content Labels
Expanded Content Labels (ECL) are pressure-sensitive labels that have multiple layers of printed material. Folded coupons are one example of an Expanded Content Label. Booklet labels, also, provide the consumer with pages of information without sacrificing package aesthetics. ABS – Labels can print expanded content on all surfaces, with up to 10 colors.
Multi-Language Packaging
Bilingual and multilingual packaging is more prevalent than ever as the distribution systems of our global economy merge. ABS – Labels can help you incorporate two or more languages into a multi-ply folded, custom adhesive labels or booklets.
Cross Sell Promotions
If your company has multiple brands in a similar market, cross sell coupons are a great way to leverage the success of one brand or product to promote another. Including a coupon for a new brand or product in a complementary product is a great way to drive traffic to the new product and encourage customer switching.
Many successful, brand name products have used on or in package couponing to stimulate new customer trials and keep loyal customers coming back. Statistics show that these types of promotions are twice as effective as direct mail or printed media coupons (such as newspapers and magazines).