Touch Screen Overlay & Control Panel Manufacturing
For over 20 years, ABS-LABELS has perfected our state-of-the-art graphic design capabilities, including graphic overlays. ABS-LABELS uses advanced systems and technology to apply colors and text to graphic overlays in any size or shape, with almost any aesthetic design or format. Graphic overlay design capabilities at ABS-LABELS include in-house embossing, laser cutting, custom screen printing and prototyping. ABS-LABELS can manufacture a control panel overlay up to a maximum size of 30” by 40”, with an ultraviolet selective texture and ultraviolet hard coat to protect the lens areas from chemicals and scratching. Specializing in graphic overlays as static components for membrane switches and rubber keypads.
Custom Control Panel Overlay Printing
ABS-LABELS uses subsurface printing techniques that are used to screen legends and background colors (on the back/reverse side) of the graphic layer. This graphic overlay process ensures the long-lasting durability of the keyboard as well as creating an accurate and impressive reproduction of color and graphics.  Depending on the customer’s needs, ABS-LABELS uses polycarbonate films or polyester films to create control panel overlays. Some advantages of graphic overlays constructed of polyester films include being highly resistant to chemicals, longer flex life, use in high temperature environments, and ability to withstand harsh conditions. Both polycarbonate film graphic overlays and polyester film graphic overlays are available with textured surfaces.
Custom Digital LED & Touch Screen Overlay
For customer touch screen or panel displays, ABS-LABELS utilizes hard coated lenses to enhance incandescent, LED (light emitting diode), fluorescent gas and liquid crystal displays. Light sources can either be exposed or totally sealed. Lighted displays can be viewed at all times or “dead front” (viewable only when on or when activated). In addition, the dead front can also be adjusted for the strength of the light source. A number of different light sources can be used in the same switch panel, including individual LEDs, fluorescent gas display.